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The Role of New Technology in Making Oil and Gas More Efficient

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Despite recent increases in investment and the very gradual return of optimism in the industry, oil and gas prices continue to remain low and, thus, companies are still feeling the pinch. Gone are the days when an oil company could increase their profits by simply producing more oil. Now the focus must be on slicker and more efficient operations to drive down costs and new technology is playing a vital role in achieving this. Companies are offering innovative technological solutions in automation, exploration to discover new fields like the ones recently found off the coast of Scotland, and collecting and processing data.


Ireland Looks to Liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Improve Energy Security

Posted on 14/06/17, filed under News | No Comments

Across Europe Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plays a huge role in energy security as the number of terminals across the continent increases. Importing LNG from all around the world lessens a country’s dependence on one or a few other countries for their gas supply. Ireland is a country heavily dependent on another country for its gas supply but the recent production of gas from the Corrib field, just off its coast, and the proposed Shannon LNG terminal would significantly diversify its gas suppliers and create greater energy security. This follows on from a number of other countries doing the same thing.


Reasons to be Cheerful in the UK Oil and Gas Industry

Posted on 14/05/17, filed under News | No Comments

Signs suggest that the oil and gas industry in the UK is starting to show signs of optimism after two years of gloom. There was certainly a high demand for fuel over the winter and new exploration licences and significant oil field discoveries hint at the possibility of better times ahead, so much so that the Scottish Energy Minister believes the industry needs to be “future proofed” to ensure the success of this expansion.


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