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The future of gas and liquid measurement and flow control innovates through a continuous process evolution not revolution

As leading flow computer manufacturers, Ex~i Flow Measurement specialises in researching, developing and manufacturing products for the gas and liquid measurement industry, with a focus on continuous project development and enhancement.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide products and a level of service that matches or exceeds their requirements. As flow computer manufacturers, we offer the best performance, quality, reliability, cost and response.

SFC3000 Flow Computer Manufacturers

Ex~i Flow Measurement was founded in 2007 and in our first two years of existence we focussed on the development of the SFC3000 flow computer, which moved from concept to finished product in less than two years.

Since then, we have continued to improve and add to the functionality of the SFC3000 to stay up to date with the current needs of our customers.

As committed flow computer manufacturers, Ex~i Flow continues to increase functionality. This has been achieved by developing a range of option boards and adding many additional software features.

Ex~i Flow Measurement’s SFC3000 Flow Computer offers a flexible and customer-oriented capacity whilst maintaining high levels of quality. Read more about what it can do.

Optional boards are an essential part of the SFC 3000 Flow Computer, depending on your application. Get more details of the optional boards available.

There is a series of extras and spares which are available for the SFC 3000 Flow Computer. Read more about what they are and how they could benefit your application.

The many uses for a flow computer

The many uses for a flow computer

Whether it is gas measurement or liquid flow measurement, a flow computer is the brain of a system that monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of your business practices. There is a general understanding that a flow computer will only benefit those industries that run massive plants. Here we explore the many uses for a flow […]

Accurate Gas Measurement using the SFC3000 Flow Computer

Accurate Gas Measurement using the SFC3000 Flow Computer

There are many reasons why the accurate measurement of gas is essential to those working in the oil and gas sector. From safety to efficiency, using a flow computer to keep a check on operations is vital. With its multiple 32 bit processors throughout the system, the SFC3000 Flow Computer offers companies the capacity to […]

Changing trends in the Oil and Gas Industry

Changing trends in the Oil and Gas Industry

As one of the UK’s major employers, the oil and gas industry is massively important to the economy. However, with dwindling reserves, changing attitudes to energy production, and the most challenging economic environment in decades, the sector is under pressure. Employment levels in the UK have dropped from over 450,000 in 2014 to less than […]

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