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Company Information

Exi Flow Measurement is based in Ford near to Arundel in West Sussex on the south coast of the UK. Recent expansion into our new building has provided us with state-of-the-art facilities for developing electronic, mechanical and software products and customer training, along with a custom-furnished facility for manufacturing our range of electronic products for the measurement industry.

People & Roles

The core expertise of Exi Flow Measurement lies with its employees who share over 60 years’ experience in the measurement industry.
David Ward - Managing Director
Degree in Electronic Engineering, CEng, MIET, MIGEM, 30+ years’ experience in the gas measurement design and development industry. Previous employers include BS Instruments, Instromet, Elster-Instromet and KDG Instruments.

Carey Ward - Financial Director
30 years’ experience in insurance and accounting.

Our Product Engineering Development Team
Have more than 30 years combined experience in product design and development for the gas measurement industry.

Each team member has skills in disciplines such as Physics, Micro Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematics or Mechanical Engineering and all hold degree or higher level qualifications in these subjects.

Their previous employers include companies such as BS Instruments and Elster-Instromet.

Our Product Manufacturing Team
Have more than 20 years’ experience in all types of manufacturing processes within the electronics industry. Their previous employers include companies such as Solartron, BS Instruments and Elster-Instromet.

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