Anaerobic Digestion – The Answer to a Throw-Away Generation?

It’s official – we’re living in a throw-away generation. A recent survey on landfill sites has found that a staggering £659 million worth of materials are thrown into landfill sites every year.

With those kinds of figures it’s no wonder we’re seeking out new means to dispose of our rubbish, and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is leading the way.

AD helps put a stop to waste products, such as food waste, crop residues and manure, being thrown into landfill sites and causing further pollution. In sealed tanks called anaerobic digesters our rubbish is gradually digested by natural micro-organisms to produce clean renewable energy.

Biogas, the energy produced, goes on to provide heat and electricity to homes and business, and in some cases is fed into the mains gas grid.

The potential of Anaerobic Digestion on a commercial level has already been explored, and plans to build a new anaerobic digestion facility in North East England have just been announced by Emerald Biogas. The new plant, the first of its kind in the region, will provide enough electricity to power nearly 2000 homes.

At Ex~i Flow Measurement we've worked with a variety of companies, including AD plants, installing our SFC3000 Flow Computer. The future is bright for Anaerobic Digestion and as the focus on renewable energy intensifies Anaerobic Digestion and its benefits will become even more valuable.