Bespoke Engineering Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Flow measurement is a critical component to the oil and gas industry. Mounting pressure to preserve oil and gas supply levels around the world is an added strain on the industry to continue improving quality control and metering. Numerous processes make up the oil and gas industry including off and onshore exploration, production, gas processing, transportation and storage. With each process differing from company to company it’s impossible to create a one-size fits all engineering solution for these processes.

A truly bespoke engineering solution is vital for a company to work to their full potential, after all something that works for one company will not work at all for another. Oil and gas engineering consultants, Ex~i Flow Measurement can provide a bespoke engineering solution to cover all critical areas within the oil and gas industry, designed to meet client’s business goals and needs. Our expert team have over 30 years of engineering and flow measurement experience, working with a variety of companies within the oil and gas industry to design flexible flow measurement computer software.