Our 5000th SFC3000 has been shipped!

Ex~i Flow Measurement has worked from its state-of-the-art facilities in Ford, near Arundel in West Sussex since 2007. The team has a combined experience of 60 years in the oil and gas engineering sector. David and Carey Ward, the company directors, have worked for 30+ years, bringing all the experience needed to deliver the best measurement design at the most cost-effective value for our industry. It is with great pride that the team at Ex~i Flow Measurement Ltd announces the shipment of the 5000th SFC3000 – the dedicated flow computer. The SFC3000 will be your supervisory machine or your stand-aloneRead more

The Role of New Technology in Making Oil and Gas More Efficient

Despite recent increases in investment and the very gradual return of optimism in the industry, oil and gas prices continue to remain low and, thus, companies are still feeling the pinch. Gone are the days when an oil company could increase their profits by simply producing more oil. Now the focus must be on slicker and more efficient operations to drive down costs and new technology is playing a vital role in achieving this. Companies are offering innovative technological solutions in automation, exploration to discover new fields like the ones recently found off the coast of Scotland, and collecting and processing data.

10 Years of Ex~I Flow Measurement

As this year marks our 10th anniversary in business, we thought it was golden opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved and learnt so far. Since starting the business in 2007, the demands of the oil and gas industry have developed and changed. Our flow measurement products have likewise come on over that time. Reliability and accuracy are still vital to the operation of oil and gas companies and, thus, our commitment to delivering the best quality products is still as firm as ever.

Measuring the Difference with DP Flow Meters

Flow meters come in all shapes and sizes, engineered to measure the flow of a range of liquids and gases. Most commonly used is the Differential Pressure (DP) flow meter, known for its accuracy. The technique is used to measure numerous fluids including water, chemicals, cryogenic liquid, air, industrial gases and steam.