Flow Computer Manufacturer: The SFC3000 Flow Computer

Flow computers have long been used within the oil and gas industry, throughout extraction and custody transfer processes and are a proven means to effectively monitoring the world’s energy resources. Since Ex~i Flow Measurement was founded in 2007 the team focused on creating products to contribute to the conservation of energy resources. In less than two years the SFC3000 Flow Computer went from concept to finished design.

Flow Computer Manufacturer
Designed with modern manufacturing techniques in mind, the model SFC3000 Flow Computer has been specifically developed to offer a uniquely flexible and customer orientated capacity whilst maintaining high quality. Developed using state-of-the-art components and design methods the computer has an expected product design lifetime of 10 years. Our modular approach to flow computer manufacturing means the highest level of care is taken throughout the manufacturing process. All individual circuit boards and assemblies are handled as completed components, fully tested and programmed prior to being kept in the electronic storage facility. Every individual machine is assembled, tested and packed prior to shipping in less than three hours irrespective of board configurations and the number of streams to be fitted.

At Ex~i Flow Measurement we share in over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing, product design and development, with academic achievements across a range of subjects including Software Engineering, Mathematics and Electronic Design. The team have worked on many product designs related to the measurement industry including Flow Computers, EVCD, Gas Chromatographs and other important devices for companies including Instromet, BS Instruments Elster-Instromet and Solartron.