Measuring the Chemical Industry

As one of the most important markets in the world, the chemical industry plays a central part in the production of a variety of products. It is a vital part of the world’s economy and energy markets, converting a range of raw materials such as oil and natural gas. There are a variety of processes throughout the chemical industry – across both basic chemicals such as oil and gas, and consumer chemicals such as washing up liquid –all of which experience rigorous stages of testing and measuring.

Flow measurement systems play an important part within chemical processing, measuring a host of different factors. Working alongside flow computers to display critical pieces of information, flow meter measurement works to make the most effective use of the chemicals. As can be expected flow meters used within chemical flow measurement must withstand highly corrosive substances in some instances in order to provide an accurate measurement. Flow meters such as coriolis meters are frequently used in chemical flow measurement due to their high accuracy readings, along with the ability to provide direct measurements of both mass flow and fluid density.

From measurement through to missing and batching operations, flow computers are used in the chemical industry to aid a variety of processes. Used throughout the many different stages within flow measurement, including custody transfer and measurement of ingredients, flow computers allow us to monitor and manage chemical processes to ensure optimal production and control costs.