How Do Flow Measurement Computers Support the Water Industry?

Measurement of the activity and flow of water is one of the most important flow measurement processes. The world’s population is constantly growing, but the level of available water isn’t so it is essential to ensure supplies are efficiently used. Flow measurement is central to the effective supply of clean water and the safe disposal of wastewater.

The purification, supply and disposal of water are constantly controlled and monitored through flow measurement systems and computers to ensure quality control, revenue calculation and environmental regulation. Magnetic flow and ultrasonic flow meters are popular within the water and wastewater industry due to their high levels of accuracy. Ultrasonic flow meters, usually installed on large enclosed pipes, can yield accuracy in the 1% range of flow.

Adaptable and flexible measurement systems are needed to adjust to equipment within the industry, which differs throughout the distribution and disposal sectors. The SFC3000 flow measurement computer is easily adapted to existing flow measurement systems, capturing and displaying vital data.

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