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Flow Measurement in Industry

Flow measurement is essential to many industries. The monitoring of the rate of flow of air, gas, and water provides exact information to specialists who manage the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. It also helps in the detection of significant issues within a more extensive system.

Liquid flow measurement can also provide data on the amount of that liquid that has been dispensed. For example, a flow computer could tell a company how much fluid is sold as a product to a customer.

As you can imagine, an effective flow measurement system is essential to many industries. Here we explore some of these sectors.

Oil and Gas Producers

Whether it is the liquid flow measurement of oil production and reserves or the hydrogen flow measurement, a flow computer is essential to this sector.

Oil and natural gas rely on flow measurement for several reasons. First, they need to understand how much material is moving through different parts of the production process. For instance, they are used in oil drilling to indicate the productivity of a well.

Natural gas flow measurement also provides data on how much product has been elicited, processed and then dispensed to clients.
In both areas, the flow computer also acts as a significant safety measure, as it can indicate a build-up of pressure or a leak.

Petrol Stations

Further along the supply chain, a flow measurement device is central to the effectiveness of the pump at the petrol station. Without the use of a flow computer, the vendor would have no way to inspect how much petrol or diesel has passed into the tank.

Flow measurement is also essential when the fuel is delivered to the petrol station. Not only does the delivery driver know when to stop refuelling the station but like the petrol pump itself, the company knows how much to charge for the product delivered.

Chemical Production

The production of chemicals requires accurate fluid flow measurement and gas flow measurement for the precise production of a required chemical. The manufacture of highly controlled and sensitive products involves accuracy and precision. Therefore, the use of a flow computer means that the input into the manufacturing process remains consistent, and no harmful side products are created.

Utility companies

Finally, though not exhaustively, think about the water that is delivered to your home. Water flow measurement allows for the metering of the product you receive, and so calculates your bill. It also allows the utility companies to maintain the right levels of pressure, so your supply continues uninterrupted.

In short, flow measurement is a vital process in the production, manufacture and distribution of items, whether these be gas or fluid-based. Not only does it allow companies to monitor levels of production and manufacture but also bill clients for the amount of product delivered. Add to this the health and safety application of flow computers, and it is easy to conclude that they are an essential tool for industries.

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