Repair of Flow Measurement Parts for Gas and Liquid Flow Measurement

Flow measurement has proved an important process in the management and preservation of vital energy supplies, including gas and oil. The constant use of meters and parts will undoubtedly cause wear and tear.

Electronic measurement systems are not immune to failures, caused by continuous use and ambient temperature variations. As a vital part of the energy industry a flow measurement system needs to be as accurate and efficient as possible, which means regular maintenance and repair of flow measurement parts.

With the correct care and advice parts can be maintained, prolonging their usable life. At Ex~i Flow Measurement our expert team provide advice to clients on the repair and maintenance of obsolete or damaged products. As BSI approved flow computer manufacturers we are able to advise and assist on the appropriate actions to take, particularly for products manufactured in the UK by BS Instruments under the Instomet label.

When it comes to repair and maintenance the experienced team at Ex~i Flow Measurement put their knowledge into ensuring individual parts can deliver their full potential, if a product can no longer be repaired or supported we can source the most suitable modern replacement.