Measuring Renewable Energy

From using the wind and sun through to turning rubbish into electricity, renewable energy of all types is a key focus for energy ministers. Tough targets have been set throughout the renewable energy sector in an effort to reduce carbon emissions by 2020. With high targets to reach close monitoring throughout the renewable energy process is crucial, which is where flow measurement comes in.

Flow measurement systems have played a key role within renewable energy, particularly within biogas and hydroelectric capture and processing. Biogas flow measurement has significantly grown over the last year to meet demand from the number of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants which have been opening across the UK. Last month the number of on-farm plants passed the 100 mark – at the start of 2012 there were only 72, by 2020 a target of 1000 on-farm AD plants has been set. The nature of anaerobic digestion flow measurement means meters must be designed to handle a high dynamic of measuring ranges, capable of managing moisture.

Ex~i Flow Measurement works with several renewable energy companies, including NV ROVA Holding on their joint biogas project with HVC Alkmaar. The SFC3000 gas flow computer was installed on the Natuurgas Overijssel BV plant to measure the quantity of biogas produced, which is expected to reach up to three million m3 of natural gas annually.