Flow Computer Consultancy for the Oil & Liquid Industry

Flow measurement computers have to be supremely flexible to fit a range of gas, renewables and oil power plants easily, fitting into existing systems with ease and efficiency. In fact the sheer variety of potential applications means bespoke systems are generally the best solution. At Ex~i Flow Measurement we offer custom built, bespoke flow computers for the gas and liquid industry, and a consultancy and design service.

Working within the gas industry comes with a number of risks. Our product design consultancy helps to create systems which can be used in hazardous areas, including gas installations. Safety is extremely important to the industry and products used in gas plants need to be approved as intrinsically safe or explosion proof. Having worked on an assortment of gas consultancy projects we have built on our expertise in this area, over the years working on around 20 products which have all passed the high level of certification needed.

Our consultancy work doesn’t finish at the design phase. Our expert team have often been called upon to implement the flow computer into larger systems, including meters, pressure and temperature transmitters, and supervisory systems. Most recently we commissioned the implementation of flow computers into the measurement system of a UK power station. We connect the new flow computer into existing systems, testing them and ensuring they work to meet the needs of our clients.

At Ex~i Flow Measurement we have many years of experience is designing bespoke products, most recently working on a consultancy project for a revolutionary new gas meter which involved the design of sensor components. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology generating flow computer solutions to suit businesses throughout the gas and liquid industry.