Petrochemicals and growth

The petrochemical sector continues to expand in size and importance. Developing nations’ demands for petrochemical products continue to increase and will likely continue to do so beyond 2025. The most significant demand comes from the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and the US. It is in these three regions that there is noted growth. Asia-Pacific As well as the development in the supply chain, the Asian-Pacific region has also increased construction of petrochemical sites. Although these are capital intensive investments, with the integration of refining and petrochemical facilities, it is thought to increase efficiency and value. China accounts for almostRead more

Potentials for upstream investments 2020

With the new year closing in, we are all interested in predicting the direction of travel for the oil and gas sector, and where best to inject our funds. As with all facets of oil and gas production, upstream priorities are fast-moving. Here are some potential areas that could interest investors in 2020. Industry 4.0 continues The expected spend on Industry 4.0 is expected to be $907 billion per year, and this is likely to continue into 2020. If you have yet to catch up with the developments in Industry 4.0, it is a term used to refer to theRead more

How to make improvements in EOR and remediation

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), also known as tertiary production, can be expensive but can also significantly increase the yield of an oil field. Secondary methods of extraction, such as water and gas injection could leave 75% of oil in the ground. Therefore, successful strategies in this tertiary stage of oil recovery could be profitable if the right techniques and technology are applied. Then, in this final stage of the life of the oil field, there must be a consideration of remediation strategies. Removing contaminants from the groundwater and the soil is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. This isRead more

Oil and Gas Global Impact Series: The Impact of the Middle East

It is far too simple to suggest that all the geopolitical tensions within the Middle East are a result of oil and gas. There are tribal and religious tensions that pre-date any discovery of energy fields. However, the millions and millions of barrels of oil that sit beneath the Middle East are a significant influence on regional tensions and the reason the wider international community pay attention. Whether the influence of the Middle East is as vital as it was is now questioned. However, a review of conflicts in recent history can illustrate the influence of events in this region.Read more

Oil and Gas Global Series: The impact of the United States

The link between geopolitics and oil and gas has long been established. The US interest in the Middle East has been attributed to the need for a consistent and financially viable supply of oil. However, in recent times, the US has emerged as the biggest producer of oil and gas in the world, topping the chart ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump’s none-too-subtle moves to isolate the US and make them independent from international economic influence has resulted in this surge in oil and gas production. The Bay of Mexico The influence of the US on oil andRead more

Oil and Gas Global Series: The impact of China

The trade war between China and the US is dominating the headlines. The uncertainty created has had an impact on markets, which in turn affects oil and gas stability. What is it about China that has attracted the attention of the US and how else might this powerhouse economy impact the sector? China’s slowing economic growth At the start of the year, China revised its economic growth target down to 6%. In global terms, this is still healthy growth. However, the analysis comes as a result of the unexpected fall in exports for China in December. This was the mostRead more

Our 5000th SFC3000 has been shipped!

Ex~i Flow Measurement has worked from its state-of-the-art facilities in Ford, near Arundel in West Sussex since 2007. The team has a combined experience of 60 years in the oil and gas engineering sector. David and Carey Ward, the company directors, have worked for 30+ years, bringing all the experience needed to deliver the best measurement design at the most cost-effective value for our industry. It is with great pride that the team at Ex~i Flow Measurement Ltd announces the shipment of the 5000th SFC3000 – the dedicated flow computer. The SFC3000 will be your supervisory machine or your stand-aloneRead more

What opportunities exist for investment in liquified natural gas?

It is essential to start with two critical pieces of information about liquified natural gas (LNG) that will precursor comments to come. First, LNG is cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels. Therefore, in an era of ever-increasing pressures to resolve the central dilemma of increased energy use and protection of the environment, LNG is an enticing middle ground. Although not renewable, nor is it so damaging to our world. Second, LNG currently supplies about 22% of the world’s energy requirements. By 2040, this is likely to be 25%, and industry experts are suggesting this could surge to 45%. The braveRead more

The Power Generation: how young people are securing the future of oil and gas

It is easy to be pessimistic about the workforce of the future when it comes to oil and gas. There is much talk about the potential of a skills crunch across the energy sector. An EY Oil and Gas Perception Study from 2017 found that almost 40% thought a career in oil and gas to be ‘very unappealing’. A further 23% thought a career in energy to be somewhat unappealing. Gen Z does not seem to see jobs in this section of the industry to be the destination of choice. However, this hides one fundamental truth about Gen Y andRead more

The top oil and gas producers – and what makes them different

Working with a major North Sea oil and gas provider, we see close-up what it takes to make them different. When you work on-site and behind the scenes, exploring how to deploy flow computers, you observe up close how they continue to excel in a highly competitive field. There are evident qualities of the top oil and gas producers that are worthy of some consideration. Here we explore the main players. Shell Shell is a leading player in the North Sea and has been for 50 years. The first answer to the question: what makes them different, is probably longevity.Read more