Which is the Best Flow Meter for Bunkering?

Now with more pressure to take care of the environment and high bunker fuel costs, the shipping industry has to carefully monitor operating expenditure and fuel consumption. There have been longstanding methods to measure fuel consumption, such as tank measurements and noon reporting. But with high accuracy becoming increasingly important for ship owners and operators, the use of fuel flow meters for shipping operations is growing in popularity.

Measuring the Difference with DP Flow Meters

Flow meters come in all shapes and sizes, engineered to measure the flow of a range of liquids and gases. Most commonly used is the Differential Pressure (DP) flow meter, known for its accuracy. The technique is used to measure numerous fluids including water, chemicals, cryogenic liquid, air, industrial gases and steam.

Flow Measurement: Delivering Efficiency in the Power Industry

Without flow measurement systems in place power station efficiency would be profoundly affected. Growing demand for energy means that power stations are constantly under pressure. With the need for reliable energy supplies continuing to rise, we delve into how flow measurement regulates power stations.