Which is the Best Flow Meter for Bunkering?

Now with more pressure to take care of the environment and high bunker fuel costs, the shipping industry has to carefully monitor operating expenditure and fuel consumption. There have been longstanding methods to measure fuel consumption, such as tank measurements and noon reporting. But with high accuracy becoming increasingly important for ship owners and operators, the use of fuel flow meters for shipping operations is growing in popularity.

New Coriolis Flow Meter offers increased accuracy and vibration resistance

Great news for the oil and gas industry – TRICOR Coriolis Technology has released their new 3 inch Coriolis flow meter. Whilst primarly suited to oil and gas applications, such as measuring the midstream transportation of oil and gas, allocation metering in crude oil and natural gas production, and metering of refined products in downstream production, many other industries will find it useful for their applications too.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters – Reducing Combustion Energy Consumption

A significant way to reduce energy consumption in a manufacturing environment is to optimise the combustion efficiency and energy management on industrial boilers, steam generators, ovens, furnaces, process heaters and smelters by using a thermal mass flow meter.

What’s on the Pipeline – Flow Measurement for Marine and Shipbuilding

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters were invented as a portable tool to allow marine engineers to measure the flow rates of various liquids on ships, and for the ship building and maintenance industry to do the same for commercial and military vessels, including submarines.

Turbine Flow Meters – how they work and what they are good for

Turbine flow meters are used to measure the velocity of liquids, gases and vapours in pipes, eg. hydrocarbons, water, chemicals, cryogenic liquids, air and industrial gases. In order to achieve a higher accuracy in measuring temperature, pressure, and fluid properties, turbine flow meters incorporate flow computer functionality.