UK Energy -set to change over the next 20 years

We consume less energy in the UK today than we did over 40 years ago.

A report from the BBC recently revealed the UK is now better at producing and using energy more efficiently, despite the fact that there are now more than 6 million additional people living in the UK.

Both households and industry as a whole are contributing to the improvement in efficiency, with households using 12% less energy and industry use an impressive 60% down on 40 years ago.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) predicts that improvements in energy efficiency will continue and by 2030 we will not be using any more energy than we do today, with future developments offsetting population growth.

The decrease in the amount of coal and fuels used for energy has played a massive part in increasing our energy efficiency. As the UK moves towards more sustainable solutions and uses larger amounts of natural gas and electricity, we are able to use less fossil fuels. In 1970 the amount of coal and fuels used in the UK equated to almost 57 million tonnes in oil, whereas last year we used just 3 million tonnes.

This improved energy efficiency will not only lower energy consumption but will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and offer huge cost savings for both households and industry.

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