Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement in Industry

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Flow measurement is essential to many industries. The monitoring of the rate of flow of air, gas, and water provides exact information to specialists who manage the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. It also helps in the detection of significant issues within a more extensive system. Liquid flow measurement can also provide data on the […]


The impact of supply growth by non-OPEC producers

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The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a cartel of 14 major oil-exporting countries. There are 12 oil barons who are said to control the world’s energy supply, with Ali bin Ibrahim- al-Naimi from Saudi Arabia said to have the most powerful voice. By regulating the supply of oil, OPEC attempts to manipulate the […]


The impact of regulatory uncertainty

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Investopedia lists regulatory uncertainty as one of five significant risk factors for the oil and gas sector. Along with variable prices and political upheaval, the possibility of regulation changes severely impacts confidence in the industry. Predicting trends Companies are having to exhibit courage in their convictions when ploughing ahead with compliance and risk initiatives. Despite […]