Developing Flow Computer Software

Throughout the energy industry flow computers are used to monitor and control resource levels. The world-wide energy crisis means close control must be kept over energy sources and demand on flow measurement systems is often high. Accuracy and reliability are key to ensuring they are reserved as much as possible. Used across the industry flow computers have to deal with variety of substances, and so software must be able to cover a range of density calculations including natural gas, steam, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and ethylene.

In the simplest instance flow computer software audits and verifies the information produced, defining exactly what data needs to be retained. But this process differs, particularly when it comes to gas and liquid flow measurement. Both call for complex algorithms each with their own equations. The gas flow computer algorithm, for example, must convert the differential pressure (DP) into the gas flow rate whilst also monitoring all aspects which affect the gas flow – such as temperature and pressure and calculate accordingly. Measurements can be specific to the type of substance as well as the manufacturer of the flow meter, with the right software these specifics can be implemented into flow computers.

Software is developed around the type of measurement and the needs of your business and flow measurement system – whether from a programmable flow computer system with software tools designed to meet your requirements or through Ex~i Flow software packages.