Flow Computers for Gas Flow Measurement

An efficient system for controlling dwindling gas supplies across the world is vital. There’s a constant search for new gas sources, which places an importance on preserving existing supplies. Flow measurement provides accurate measurement and management to help conserve existing gas supplies.

Flow measurement systems can be used to capture data from a variety of gasses, including natural gas, atmospheric gas and fuel gas. Gas flow computers record the volume or mass flow rate data collected throughout the measurement process and turn it into energy flow rate. Acting as the user interface for a flow measurement system, the computer presents the captured information.

Flow computers, including the Ex~i Flow SFC3000 flow computer, are constantly recording each of the vital stages throughout the flow measurement process. For gas measurement in particular this includes any loss in flow or electrical signals lost from measurement transducers which could affect the accuracy of the measurement. All these important pieces of data are downloaded by the flow computer which can then be used for supervision, accounting and auditing.