Flow Measurement Computers for Refineries

Refineries play an important role in the processing of oil and natural gas. The maze of complex systems which form a refinery need regular maintenance and monitoring.

They are a constant hive of activity, and products are constantly flowing in and out of flow systems. Everything is measured and monitored, whether that’s crude oil coming into an oil refinery or outgoing products. Without a reliable flow measurement system in place, a refinery really would come to a standstill. Safe and efficient flow measurement is necessary, particularly in high risk environments such as oil refineries where gas flares and other hazards can occur.

Flow measurement equipment comes under extremely heavy demand in refineries, where in some instances equipment can be dealing with high temperatures in excess of 400°F. This is where flow measurement computers are a vital component of refinery flow measurement systems, should any section of equipment fail under the extreme pressures flow computers can quickly detect and locate any problems within the system.

Ultimately it is a reliable and low maintenance flow measurement system which instantly helps to improve availability and provide high measurement accuracy inside a refinery plant.