Flowmeter Market Bouncing Back

As recovery from the global recession rumbles on, the flowmeter market continues to show promising signs of recovery for 2013. Throughout 2011 and 2012 business was driven by demand within the power, mining, and oil and gas industries, and is demand is expected to continue growing at a speedy rate throughout 2013 with an increase in business in the chemical and energy sectors.

Research carried out by the ARC Advisory Group, a leading research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure, highlights the technical progression within the flow measurement sector. Flowmeters have moved on leaps and bounds, with advances in technology allowing meters to operate beyond their basic purpose – offering an invaluable service to businesses. The introduction of intelligent field devices, including the ultrasonic and coriolis flowmeters, has improved the accuracy and reliability of measurements. Old devices, such as Orifice and PD plates, failed to provide the same reliability and repeatability found in new meters, which are now an indispensable tool in the flow measurement process.

According to the ARC Flowmeter Global Market Research Study suppliers will benefit if they are able to make the most of growing industry segments in the chemical and power sectors. As technology progresses flow measurement computers continue to increase their handling capabilities. Adaptable programmes and software are necessary to fit the changing face of the industry. Last year the SFC3000 gas flow computer was upgraded enabling users to remote access their data from any web server for flexible monitoring.