New Coriolis Flow Meter offers increased accuracy and vibration resistance

Great news for the oil and gas industry – TRICOR Coriolis Technology has released their new 3 inch Coriolis flow meter. Whilst primarly suited to oil and gas applications, such as measuring the midstream transportation of oil and gas, allocation metering in crude oil and natural gas production, and metering of refined products in downstream production, many other industries will find it useful for their applications too.

TRICOR’s new flow meter, part of their TCM line (the TCM-230K), is capable of measuring flows 230,000 kg/hr (8433 lbs/min) or 230,000 lph (1012 gpm/34700 bpd), and can withstand pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar), as well as having high accuracy (0.1% of reading).

The TRICOR Programme Director said “Our development engineers have meticulously designed this new size for the best possible accuracy and resistance to external vibration”

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