Preserving Energy Sources

Energy supplies are in high demand as the worlds population continues to grow. Fossil fuels and other energy sources are in dwindling supply, and close monitoring across the industry is fundamental when it comes to preserving the supply levels.

Throughout the measurement and monitoring of oil and gas a flow computer ensures that every movement is constantly recorded. The SFC3000 flow computer does exactly this, smoothly integrating into flow metering and computing systems to provide a front-end system facilitating close monitoring. Our aim was to create a flow computer which could positively contribute to the management and conservation of the world’s energy resources.

The updated remote access feature creates an even easier way of monitoring of flow measurement systems. Users have the freedom to access stats and information within their flow systems from any internet browser page. All of the data you’d expect to see is displayed as though you were standing in front of the computer itself. Check the features of the SFC3000 computer and remote access views for yourself.

At Ex~i Flow Measurement we share over 60 years worth of experience within the gas and liquid measurement industry. We work with clients to provide a range of services, products and long-term relationships for their flow measurement computer requirements.