Remote Access for your SFC3000 Computer

Our SFC3000 Flow Measurement Computer has had a few new additions since its launch in October 2008, and we’re very excited about our latest one.

We’ve been busy developing an exciting new Web Server feature, designed to give users the freedom to access data anywhere. The new feature allows you to view vital data away from your main SFC3000 Computer unit. Accessible through any internet browser page the Web Server gives users a level of flexibility not experienced before.

Accessing the front panel of your Flow Measurement Computer couldn’t be easier, by simply visiting the dedicated page you can access your computer’s front panel and use the features and buttons as if you were standing in front of the real thing. To demonstrate just how easy the Web Server feature is to use we’ve added a simulator feature, so you can see our newest feature in action.

For now this is a limited read only feature, due to security. We are working on the necessary security safeguards to be approved for a read and write programme, allowing companies the flexibility to gain complete control over their SFC3000 computer via remote access.